Here you can see the prices of dental services in our office. The prices are valid from January 1, 2015.
Payment is in dinar equivalent on the payment date.

Dental service Price in €
Dental examination 0,00
White composite filling 20,00 - 30,00
Composite restoration 35,00
Tooth extraction 20,00
Complicated tooth extraction 30,00
Surgical extraction (impacted tooth) 100,00
Flap surgery (per tooth) 50,00
Tooth drainage 10,00
Medicine in a tooth 10,00
Root canal treatment (per canal) 10,00
Filling on a milk (primary) tooth 15,00
Extraction of a milk tooth 10,00
Plaque removal 20,00
Cast superstructure 30,00
Metal-ceramic crown 100,00
Complete denture 250,00
Partial acrylic resin denture 200,00
Skeleton denture 350,00
Dental implant 500,00 - 800,00
Teeth whitening 160,00
Non-metallic crowns 225,00
Ceramic crown on gold 190 weight of gold
Veneers 200,00
Fixed orthodontic apparatus 800,00
Lingual orthodontic apparatus (invisible) 1500,00

Discounts for regular patients.
Special discounts for students and pensioners.

We offer the possibility of paying in instalments.

Apart from the services in our pricelist, we also offer the following:

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