Dental tourism means travelling abroad primarily due to affordable dental interventions, treatments and procedures, as well as oral surgery.

The main reason is significantly higher charge for these services in one’s own country, and we will list other reasons hereinafter.

apartman 1
Apartment Piano
Apartment for our patients is in the same building as our dental office.
Capacity: two people.
Rental price: € 35/day.
Low Prices
Undoubtedly, the greatest advantage (and gain for you) of dental tourism is the significant amount of money you save. Some countries, including Serbia, are able to offer the greatest quality of dental service at lower prices due to the lower cost of labour and lower administrative costs in these countries.
High quality Dental Service
Rest assured that the service you get in dental offices in Serbia is the same or even better that the one you get in your own country. Dentists in Serbia are qualified and trained to use all the cutting-edge equipment and materials.
Service now
You will receive every service you need at your convenience. Tell us your schedule and we will organize everything for you.
Opportunity to travel
Although the primary reason for most customers is the affordable dental care, for some people it is an excellent opportunity to combine dental care and travel/vacation. Bearing in mind overall lower prices, primarily of air transport, but of road and rail transport as well, you can even bring your family and friends with you. Also, you will not waste time on making appointments with the dentist, and the accommodation cost is affordable, too.
Serbia, the land of the future, is in Europe, in the heart of the Balkans, and it is definitely worth visiting. At the crossroads of Slovenian civilization and Central Europe, it represents an array of traditions and cultures unique in Europe. Each of over 26 nationalities has preserved its customs and folklore, and there are people of four major religions living here.
The capital, Belgrade, as well as Novi Sad and other towns in Serbia, are rich in cultural events such as concerts, plays, extraordinary and unbelievably exciting and exhausting nightlife, which doesn’t end before the dawn. Serbian restaurants, as well as the restaurants that can be compared to the most prestigious restaurants in the world, and also the ones located on boathouses guarantee a memorable experience. Serbia is famous worldwide as a country of rich culinary tradition.
The biggest event is surely Exit, a summer festival in Novi Sad, which gathers around 250, 000-350,000 young people.
Apart from the abovementioned tourist attractions, here you will find many dental offices and dentists who offer high quality dental services at bargain prices. All this makes Serbia a perfect country for dental tourism according to all criteria.

Friend of our site, agency for contact in Serbia is: Tourist agency 'Giramondo'.

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